Governing Principles

The Executive Committee of the IBS Project have come together with a defining set of values that will not only govern the planning and developmental stages of this project, but will be the driving principles that spur the operation of the School itself. This collective is committed to ensuring that its goals are achieved through a process of sound and independent decision-making, with transparency at all junctures and with an uncompromising stance towards excellence as a benchmark. Furthermore, the enhancement of ethics, responsibility and accountability, mutual respect and common trust, achievement through the power of teamwork and distinction as the optimal standard, will be the fundamental tenets that will foster the success of this undertaking, of the resultant school and, ultimately, of its graduates.

Our vision is to support the establishment of an institution that provides students with a superior teaching and research environment – not motivated by profit – for sharing knowledge, achieving growth and nurturing leadership; where students are rewarded for assuming responsibility and learning through decision-making and action; where independent thinking, creativity and self-reliance are the individual traits promoted alongside the social values of fair-play, integrity and equal opportunity.

Our mission is to create a world-class centre of learning in Iran dedicated to educating, preparing and promoting Iranian entrepreneurs and managers to become business leaders capable of building and transforming the country’s economic landscape in the 21st Century.

The Iranian Business School Project is working in collaboration with leading foreign partners – institutions and individuals – who have spent decades understanding the challenges of business administration and management training on a local and global basis. By utilising these partnerships, the project aims to support the creation and delivery of rigorous academic content with highly relevant and practical domestic applications. Our strategy is to ensure that the School:

  • Employs the best qualified faculty and staff, sourced both locally and internationally
  • Establishes and maintains strong long-term affiliation with:
        1. the Iranian industry and business community
        2. leading international business schools and universities
        3. Iranian Diaspora interested in contributing – financially or otherwise – to the advancement of the country
  •  Focuses teaching and research on sectors and subjects integral to the economic development of Iran
  • Captures local management innovations and disseminates valuable ‘home-grown’ knowledge
  • Offers state of the art management training programmes and facilities, carefully adapted to meet the needs and practices of the Iranian economy.