The Project

The Iranian Business School is a philanthropically-motivated project aimed at creating a world-class business school in Iran which will educate and prepare Iranian men and women to become business leaders capable of transforming the country’s economic landscape.

There is a profound strategic need for greater management know-how and expertise in Iran to meet the challenges of a rapidly developing nation located in the heart of one of the most exciting and fast-growing regions of the world. Our aim is to create a centre of excellence for learning, sharing knowledge, engaging in research and offering entrepreneurial solutions to the most pressing management needs of the business community in Iran.

The value of postgraduate business training as a catalyst for progress has long been recognised the world over. The Iranian Business School, once operational as a postgraduate management institution, intends to play a leading role in the transformation of the Iranian economy by providing the education and skills training required for the success of its future business leaders. It aims to become a leading centre of management excellence in the region, and a world-class educational institution.