• Creating opportunity, realising potential
  • Nurturing growth and driving competitiveness
  • World class education, local value creation
  • Supporting the economic advancement of future generations of Iranians

The Iranian Business School Project

The Iranian Business School (IBS) Project is a not-for-profit venture spearheaded by a group of philanthropists from the business community of the Iranian Diaspora and supported by heading private sector figures within Iran. Together, these individuals have been inspired to engage in a movement to bring opportunity to Iran, a nation brimming with unrealised potential. Educated, ambitious and enterprising, the young citizens of this ancient country possess the same qualities that have placed thousands of their peers aboard amongst a recognised category of the international business elite. What differentiates them is access to the facilities that can nurture their talent, fortify their knowledge and provide the necessary proficiencies to participate in the global economy.

The Iranian Business School intends to address this long standing void through the creation of a world-class business school that will operate on a principle of excellence in one of the most undervalued emerging markets in the world. The School aims to develop conscientious leaders and entrepreneurs whose unwavering commitment to professionalism will complement their acquired knowledge of the very best in theoretical and applied modern business practices. As well as improving the future prospects of the individual graduates, the successful achievement of this goal will create value for the organisations that employ them, and ultimately benefit the broader society. Global organisations can view Iran as a more attractive prospect for commerce and the potential presented by the country’s natural and human wealth will be realised.

Important Notice

Since the beginning of 2018, the government of Iran have introduced new stringent regulations with respect to foreign currency transactions in an effort to control the exchange rate market in the country. This tightened environment has unfortunately made it impossible for us to budget appropriately for expenditure relating to our charitable activities and we cannot provide any assurances that we would be able to assist with the provision and funding of any future EMBA programmes to completion. Consequently, we have regrettably been forced to suspend all our charitable activities for the foreseeable future. IBS will now focus its efforts on supporting the academic studies of current EMBA students.